Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lots of Traveling

This week was full of traveling. No joke. We traveled 6 of the 7 days of this week. Monday of course we went to Chillan 9the biggest city we are close to) because I have so sign at the PDI still... and we emailed and ate lots of completos (see picture).
Tuesday was the only day we didn't travel and it was an awesome day. We tried to pass by an antiguo investigador (old invesigator ) named Fabiela and her son Diego let us in. Fabiela was super excited to see us and immediately began to tell us about herself and about when missionaries taught her before. She wasn't baptized before because her and her "husband" aren't actually married and he didn't really like missionaries. but we were actually able to talk to him too and they both told us that they are going through a rough time economically. they are both pretty receptive to us and so we are excited to start working with them. We were also able to pass by another family that day that are investigating the church. The mom has a daughter who is super active in the Ward here but she was never baptized and neither was her husband or other kids. So we were able to have an awesome lesson with them. too.
Wednesday we had to go to Chillan for our District class.
Thursday we had an awesome lunch at a member's house. they own a pastry shop and have a huge kitchen where they made us a ton of pizza (picture). then at the end of the day we had to go to Chillan to sleep over at the Zone leaders house because we had a special mission conference the next day. It was pretty cool to get together with 10 other Elders including Elder Souza (my old companion).
Early Friday morning everyone got up and we all went to the Stake Center in Chillan to meet up with all the Hermanas  of our zone to take a bus to Talcahuano where the conference was. So the purpose fo the conference was to say goodbye to President Hermana Arrington and celebrate all that they have done for the mission because they go home next week. It was really sad but really fun conference. I'm going to miss the Arrington's so much! They have both done so much for me and wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for them. I'm both really excited and nervous about our new Mission President.