Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Toda La Fuerza

Hey strangers! So it´s been awhile since I´ve written one of these things...sorry about that I´ve just been super lazy haha. Also because there hasn't much of anything going on in our sector as far as missionary work goes. Not gonna lie, Quillón is pretty dang mean to missionaries. But this week we had a Conference with zone Linares in Chillán with Presidente Cátala. The conference started at 9 AM and we got home at 8 PM haha. We were there for literally the whole day. But it was really awesome cause Presidente Cátala is a boss at teaching and blowing our minds haha. We also had classes from Hna. Cátala and the Asistentes. A new thing we are starting in our mission is #TODALAFUERZA. Basically what it is, is that we get members to come out with us and we take a selfie with them with a thing that says "#todalafuerza" and then they have to post the picture on their Facebook and they have to challenge 3 other people to go out with us. Then those people take selfies with us and they challenge 3 other people each. It´s like the "ice bucket challenge" (if you people remember that) but with missionary work! Brilliant right! This will motivate the members to come out with us and they can also "challenge" non-members to listen to the missionaries. The hash tag #TODALAFUERZA is already trending in Chile! Everyone at home or in other missions should totally use this too! (toda la fuerza in English is "all the strength" referring to the strength of the members in helping missionary work).
In other news, we went to a huge waterfall on Pday and is was siiiiiiiiick! Hopefully my dad with put all the fotos on my blog thingy.
Elder Evelo