Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mucho Divertido!

Hola otra vez familia y amigos!
Its been another great week in the CCM. On Sunday we had a devotional about the Book of Mormon and freaking awesome it is. We watched a couple of movies about sharing it, and I regret soooo much that I didn't share it as much as I should have back home. The Book of Mormon is truly another testament of Jesus Christ and it´s one of the most precious gifts from God that we could ever receive. I love reading the Book of Mormon and I know that it can help everyone feel God´s love for them. 
I had another opportunity to give a blessing this week, this time to Hermana Poulson. She had caught a virus that was going around the CCM and she was feeling pretty bad. I can express how awesome it is to give a blessing. The Spirit is always soooo strong and you can literally feel the blessing coming from God. I'm so grateful to be able to hold the priesthood and be able to bless other people´s lives. It strengthens me everyday and I cant wait to be able to go to Chile and help more and more people! 
Yesterday we got to great the new missionaries again! There were only about 40 so it wasn't as cool haha. But after greeting we went to TRC which is where we teach actual real people and not teacher pretending to be like real people. Cause teachers aren't real people... But that was a great experience cause we got to be exposed to people that talk supeeer fast and have different situations. One guy we taught was a convert of 3 years and told us about how much he loved the Book of Mormon and especially the Tree of Life story. He actually talked to us for 20 minutes just about that haha. He also talked a bunch about how proud he is of us for being missionaries. He doesn't even know who we are and he told us about how much he loves us! Gosh I loved that guy! I'm so grateful for those kind of people that have such a strong testimony and faith in the gospel! I cant wait to get to Chile!!! Only 1 and a half more weeks here! Yo espero que ustedes estan teniendo mucho divertido!

Legend has it of giant Lego men in Mexico

Haircut Buddies

District Haircuts

Something happened to my tie!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Short Hair

Hola familia y amigos!!
Todo esta bien en la CCM! This week was pretty regular except for a couple of intersting things. On sundays we have a devotional and last sunday we watched this movie called The Testaments: One FOld and One Shepherd (or something like that). Everyone here has seen it before but I never have and it was fantastic!! Its about Jesus Christ coming to earth but its not only about his ministry in Jeruselem. It shows the nephites in america and shows the coming of christ from their point of view. I might be the only person who hasnt seen it but I loved it soo much.
My companions and I met with the new MTC president here and that was super cool! We had to talk to him about some elders that werent being to good, but thats another story. He is a really cool guy and he told us all about how he was best friends with this and that apostle haha its was awesome.
Our district had the privilege of greeting the new missionaries that came in yesterday! There were about 60 to 70 new missionaries that came, but we usually get over 100 a week. Its so crazy to think that i was a new missionary not too long ago. And I tried to make them feel welcome and I gave them a bunch of advice for their first week. I love how many poeple are dedicating their lives to the Lord and coming to share the gospel with others. 
I got a super short haircut today and my beautiful locks are gone *sad face*. Its actually not too bad and my head feels a ton lighter haha. I dont have any picturesto send this week cause i forgot my camera cord at the casa...whoops. But hopefully my dad is uploadig the other pictures i have sent! 
Only 2 more weeks at the CCM! Time has flown by crazy fast! Ive learned so much and I continue to learn so much everyday that im here! I cant wait to go to chile and start teaching people the gospel so that they can feel the joy that i have had in my life! Buenos suerte a todos! Les amo mucho!! Adios!

Elder Evelo
Carlos's Zone before older Missionaries left

Friday, January 16, 2015

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Master of Spanish

Hola familia y amigos! Todo esta bien aqui en la CCM! So turns out the "real" investigator that we taught last week was actually a teacher and he teaches us at night now hahaha. But he was a super good investigator! But now we have to teach 2 investigators (both our teachers) and its crazy. One of them is super nice and speaks slow but the other one is super mean and talks faster than i dont know what. Its a different experience when we teach those lessons but it teaches us a lot. I sung in the MTC choir here for the Devotional on tuesday and it was super fun! I love singing! And speaking of singing, one of my companions, Elder Kingsford, and I like to sing disney songs all day while we walk to class and stuff, and poeple either look at us weird or they sing with us haha I love it so much! So we usually play ultimate frisbee with a couple districts during gym time cause ultimate frisbee is awesome, but we were told that we couldnt play with the Hermanas anymore cause it was too "rough" of a game....what? It stinks cause the Hermanas made the game fun haha. But to make i even better, we were told yesterday that we cant even play ultimate frisbee at all. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I have no idea why but its whatever. Yay obedience! SO now we have this thing called TRC. I have no idea what it stands for but its where random people volunteer to come be taught by the missionaries in the CCM (MTC). They could be members or random people off the street but we have to be able to go in the lesson and ask them questions to try to figure out what we should teach them on the spot. Its pretty hard but we did a pretty good job last night! Im proud of how much spanish my companions have learned! Im not saying im the master of spanish or anything but yeah Im proud. 
Its crazy to think that ive already been here more than two weeks! Time fys!
Love and miss everyone back home!
Elder Evelo
Carlos and his district

Thursday, January 8, 2015

First Week in the Mexico MTC

So little time!! The first week has been fantastic! I'm in a trio companionship with Elder Holt and Elder Kingsford and they pretty awesome. I thought my Spanish was bad but I´m actually one of the best speakers in my district hahaha. There are 11 people in my district and 6 of us are going to ConcepciĆ³n Chile! We have already taught 3 lessons to a real investigator and they were all super hard and nerve wracking haha but we are getting better every single day. The 4 hermanas (sisters) in our district are the best hermanas ever to be hermanas. They are super cool and have huge testimonies that help me sooo much. I actually was able to give a blessing to Hermana Long because she wasn't feeling well and it was such a great experience. Everyone in our district helps and supports each other, and it makes me so happy. I've learned  soooo much Spanish in the past week its crazy. The gift of tongues is real! We were able to go to the Mexico City temple today and it was fantastic! We weren't able to go inside because its under renovation but we got to go in the visitors center and take a bunch of pictures that I´ll hopefully send soon! I love and miss everyone back home!
Elder Evelo
Mexico MTC

Mexico MTC

On our way to the Temple

Mexico City Temple

Me and my District at the Temple

Boy it was tiring day!

Me and my companions at the Mexico City Temple Visitors Center

Mexico City Temple

Walking around the MTC grounds

Friday, January 2, 2015

He has arrived!

Carlos arrived safely to MTC in Mexico City. He will be there for approx. 2 months. He will then fly to Santiago Chile and then on to his mission in Concepcion Chile. Here is a graphic showing him flight over the Gulf of Mexico. His P-Day or Preparation Day, which is the day he gets to write and send emails, is on Thursday. Since he just arrived, his first P-Day will be next Thursday. As he sends us emails, we will post them to his blog.