Monday, May 9, 2016

Treat Yo Mommas Good!

Happy (day after) Mother´s Day everyone! Treat yo mommas good! We´ve been working really hard this week to find new people to teach and we were able to find a few. But almost every single one is living with someone they aren't married to :/ We have four families right now that we are working with to get them married. 3 of these families have non members that could get baptized after their marriage. We´ll get them in the water! Sunday was pretty cool cause I got to Skype my fam, but no biggie. Hahaha nah it was really awesome to talk to them and hear what´s going on at home. I hope everyone has a fantastic weeeek!!!! 
Elder Evelo

Elder Evelo's current working sector

Hermana Evelo just home from her mission in Spain

Skyping with Elder Evelo in Chile


Heeelllllloooooooooo people of gringolandia!! (country of gringos). It´s been a rough week as far as the missionary work here. We havent found too many people too teach and we´ve knocked about a million doors already but no worries! I know we´ll find someone. We´ve been challenged by the Area Presidency to bring at least 2 investigators to church every week in June and so we have to work hard this month to make that happen. I think we´ll bring 5 investigators every week and we´ll be good. The rain has let up a bit and it´s not as cold so I have nothing to complain about :) I hope everyone is doing great where ever you´re at! Also shout out to Gaby (my sis) who is finshing her mission! Have a great week everyone!

Elder Evelo