Monday, December 28, 2015

The Best Dinner I`ve Ever Had in My Life

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! On Tuesday we had our mission Christmas conference and allllll the missionaries (about 200) in our mission came. It was suuuper awesome to see all the missionaries that I knew before like my original mission dad Elder Bianco! I`ll make sure to send a bunch of pictures. On Wednesday we had the opportunity to sing at the building site of the Concepcion, Chile Temple. We were part of a Christmas presentation held by the stake and there were a ton of people who come. Twas a fun time! Then came Christmas. We had Christmas dinner at the house of a family in our ward. We ate steak and cheese-infused chicken haha I don't know any other way to describe it but it was probably the best dinner I've ever had in my life haha. Fun fact! Everyone is South America opens their presents and stuff the night of the 24th not Christmas day.
Friday was awesome because I got to Skype with my awesome family! I also got to talk with my awesome sister so that was great! After that, we had a Christmas activity with 4 other zones and we played a bunch of futbol and I got to play Elder Kindgsford in ping pong!(we played a lot when we were in the MTC). Needless to say we didn't have a ton of time to work this week but I`m excited to get back to work this week. Carlos is still struggling a bit with the word of wisdom, dang coffee. We just started teaching Micaela but she already knows everything haha. Jin is being a bum and not coming to church but we`re gonna fix that. And Diego is progressing nicely, but its a bit hard cause he`s only 11 and he is suuuper crazy haha. But all is welll! I hope everyone has a fantastic week and a happy New Year! 

Elder Evelo

Reuniting with CCM District

Elders Evelo, Santos, Bianco, and Love

Carlos with Mission President

Elders Bianco, Evelo, Love, Santos, and two Hermans

Elder Evelo with Elder Bianco

Concepcion Temple Site

Elder Evelo with Ximena Llanos Arévalo who will be leaving on her mission soon

People gathering at Temple site for celebration

My poor son is starving!!!

Desert Also!

Skyping with Hermana Evelo who is in Spain

Skyping with parents who were in Las Vegas

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Chile Concepcion Mission Picture

Carlos is in the group of missionaries who are on the right hand side who are standing in chairs. He is the second from the left with his head a little crooked.



We Made Pizza

Merry almost Christmas! This week has been pretty crazy with Christmas coming up. Elder Ovalle and I decided to make pizza for our district so we got up super early to make the dough and stuff and it was sooooooo good. I want Elder Ovalle to be my companion forever just for his cooking hahaha. We´ve had hardly any time this week because we had a ton of service activities and our Zone (Andalien) and 2 other zones had to practice singing for this Chirstmas presentation at the Stake Center and it took alllll of our time this week, but the presentation was pretty cool. We get to do it again this Wednesday at the building site of the new temple here in Conce! Woooo! Im pretty stoked for that. My talk went pretty okay! I didnt screw anything up that bad and 1 member said I did good hahaha. We have bunch of Christmas things this week so we wont have much time either. The Christmas conference for the mission is tomorrow and I´ll get to see everone I know! But Elder Bianco is coming to Andalien to work with me today! That´s my original mission dad for those of you who dont know. It should be an awesome week! I hope everyone has a fantastic week and a MERRY CHIRSTMAS!

Elder Evelo

Monday, December 14, 2015

20 Pounds of Sushi

Hey people! I hope everyone had a fantastic week! This week was wayyyyy better for me. I getting back into missionay mode and I`m not as unconfortable as before. This week was full over Noche de Hogars and for every single one Elder Ovalle made sushi. Not gonna lie, i think I`ve eaten at least 20 pounds of  sushi this week haha. We`re havinf more tomorrow too! No doubt I will be fat when you see me again haha.
My goal for this week is to get to know the members more. We visit a lot of them pretty regularly but I`ve always just talked a little bit and then let Elder Ovalle do the rest. But I want to be able see them at church or something and just start talking with them ya know? 
So we had the primary program this past Sunday and it was pretty awesome. Especially when the son of the stake president got up to give a "mini" talk. He talked for at least 8 minutes with out pausing and he was quoting scripures from memory and everything. It was legit better than any talk I`ve ever given haha. He`s definitely gonna be a general authority or something haha.
Speaking of talks, I have to give a talk in sacrament meeting next week... yayyyyyy. But it`ll be awesome haha. Anyways, I`m so grateful to be here as misionary doing this great work! 
I hope everyone has a great week! 

Elder Evelo
Carlos' area


Carlos' companion, "The Chef"
Walking the streets of Andalein

Monday, December 7, 2015

So Great to be Back in Chile

So here I am again! It´s so great to be back in Chile with all my mission friends and to be a missionary! Getting here was pretty interesting because I had a couple problems with my passport/ visa at the Santiago airport so I had to wait and wait while the PDI (Chilean FBI) asked me questions and stuff. It wasn't a big deal at first but after I missed my flight to Concè it began to be a problem. I ended up waiting the for 8 hours haha. Luckily I ran into a member there who was waiting for another missionary and he called my mission president and got me another flight to Concè. So after I got to Concè I met my companion Elder Ovalle and we went directly to our area. I'm in Andalien which is about 20 minutes from the mission office in Concè. The ward here is the absolute best and I love visiting all the members. My companion is from Santiago Chile and he`s hilarious haha. He is also a master chef so I`m eating pretty good hahaha. My Spanish is wayyyyy better than is was before and I have no problem understanding people! We had a lesson with one of our investigators (named Carlos!) last night and I'm pretty sure I spoke perfect Spanish and we could definitely feel the spirit. It was pretty awesome! Anyways, I`m soooooo happy to be back where I'm supposed to be, sharing this wonderful gospel with everyone! I hope everyone is doing well where ever you are! 

Elder Evelo