Monday, November 7, 2016

Tons of Stuff

Things are going pretty well in Concepcion! We are working with quite a few people that are progressing really well. Claudia is one of them and she´s like my best friend right now haha we´re always joking around and her son in the cutest ever. Loismar is another, and she´s from Venezuela. She has the most faith I have ever seen. I don't know if you guys know the pamphlets that the missionaries use to teach, but they have some questions at the back and every missionary knows that no one actually answers the questions, but Loismar answered all of them and she has a study notebook where she writes down all of her questions and the things she learns! WHAT!! She is planning on being baptized the 26th of Nov. Alfonso is another investigator we have. He was a reference from another sector in the mission and when we went to visit him he told us that he has problems with drugs and that he wants to be more united with his family.  He came to church on Sunday and was crying during Gospel principles class. Jimena also came to church but she is really sad because her husband doesn't want her to come but she knows the church is true and wants to be baptized but she doesn't want to separate her family. We have a couple other potentials this week and I hope we can help these people to get in the water! But not only the water. I want to help this people change their lives and go to the temple!! Well that's pretty much what's going on here. Christmas is coming up!! If someone wants to send me a ton of stuff here the address haha:

Elder Evelo
Chile Concepcion Mission
Castellón 1063 Oficina Norte 
Casilla 2210


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Monday, October 3, 2016


So I'm not really sure when was the last time I wrote one of these things so I'm probably gonna repeat something. So this was the last week of this cambio and there has been many defining moments of the cambio but by far the best thing that has happened in the past 6 weeks is being freed from the the PDI! That's right, I'm proud to say that on September 23, 2016 I stopped being illegal in Chile! Every week since December I've had to go to the PDI and sign in a a book that means I haven't run away. Since December I haven't had a P-Day without the PDI, but now I'm FREE!

There were hardly any changes with cambios and Elder Lozano and I are staying in Universitario. I'm pretty happy about that because I'll be able to be here for the baptism of Nico and Jimena. Nico is supposed to get baptized this Saturday but he hasn't been in Concepcion for a couple of weeks so I hope that everything goes well this week so he can be baptized. Jimena had been investigating the church for forever because her brother is a member and he is on his mission right now. She lives with her husband and her daughter, but her husband isn't very supportive of the church. We had an awesome lesson with her where she said that she wanted to be an example to her family and she said that she had told her husband straight up that she is going to be baptized. The only problem is that she is super busy with work so it's hard to meet with her often. But we are working hard with her so that she can be baptized in a couple of weeks.

Elder Evelo

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Memory Problems

Hey everyone! So I´m in a new area (again) with my new companion (again haha). I´m in Barrio Universitario which is in the zone of Concepción. Our sector includes the biggest universities of Concepción so a lot of young people, but the ward here is almost all old people hahaha. It´s a pretty big sector but we share it with 2 Elders from  the office. Our chapel is the oldest in Conce and pretty big, but not very many people come to church :( I´ve gotten to know a few members who are pretty cool and help us out a lot but we are going to need the help of ALL the members in this work! My new companion is Elder Lozano and he´s from Ecuador. We´ve been working hard to reach the President´s goal of 20 lessons with member, but it´s been pretty hard because I dont know that many people yet and Elder Lozano has some memory problems and cant help me very much. But no worries cause el Señor will provide a way!  It feels so good to be in the city close to everything. I live super close to the mission office so if anyone wants to send me stuff I´ll be able to get it super fast! Haha. 
I hope everyone is doing great! Oh September 18th is independence day for Chile so this whole month is gonna pure parties! WOO! Te me cuidai! 

Elder Evelo