Monday, June 12, 2017

Wow Time is Flying by in Coelemu

We´re starting week 1 of my last cambio in the mission... I don't really like thinking about that.
We´re seeing a lot of success en Coelemu and we have quite a few people that we´re working with. Eduardo is a little boy of 11 years and he´s going to be baptized the 24th of this month. Even though he´s young he is super smart and he´s really good at futbol (soccer) haha. I´m really excited for family Zambrano which is a family of 5; Gabriela, Patricio, Patricia, Hector, and Catalina. They are all progressing well although at different rates. Patricio works out of town for 20 days and then stays home for 10, so it´s hard for him to stay in constant contact with us, but he loves going to church and he wants to quit drinking so he can be a better example to his kids. Gabriela is progressing the fastest and she has already received answers through the spirit that these things are true. She is planning on being baptized the 24th as well. Patricia and Hector are a little behind but also have desires to learn and they have a tentative date to be baptized the 8 of July. 
Jose is the dad of a semi-recent convert and he already has a testimony of the Book of Mormon, he just doesn't understand completely that there is only one church with the authority and this is that church. He´s  a really cool guys though and I think he just needs to make the decision to come to the church and he´ll be set. Cata is the granddaughter of a member and she told us that she wants to be baptized so we started to teach her right away. She has 10 years but she´s also, like Eduardo, suuuuper intelligent. A friend invited her to go play but she said, "no, I have to study for school". What? Since when does a kid say that? Hahaha! 
On Sunday a part-member family came to church. The dad is member but his wife and son aren't. But the son got up to bear his testimony and said that he knows that this is the true church! Wow! We´ve taught them and they are going to be baptized the 1st of July.
There is also an old man we are teaching that has no legs and partly blind, and his name is Brian. He listens to the Book of Mormon in audio everyday because he cant read. He is going to be baptized the 8th of July. 
It´s so awesome to have so many people that have been prepared to receive the gospel at this time. We´ve been so busy teaching these people that there hasn't been time to even think about other things like going home in 6 weeks...crap I thought about it again.
Anyways, I´m super happy doing what I´m doing :) All of my non-Mormon friends, go find those guys in white shirts and ties and really listen to them. What they teach you is true and it will change your lives. I´m so proud to be a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Oh PS, I´m going to be training a nuevo!!! Whooooooooo!!!
Have a great week!
Elder Evelo