Monday, May 9, 2016

Treat Yo Mommas Good!

Happy (day after) Mother´s Day everyone! Treat yo mommas good! We´ve been working really hard this week to find new people to teach and we were able to find a few. But almost every single one is living with someone they aren't married to :/ We have four families right now that we are working with to get them married. 3 of these families have non members that could get baptized after their marriage. We´ll get them in the water! Sunday was pretty cool cause I got to Skype my fam, but no biggie. Hahaha nah it was really awesome to talk to them and hear what´s going on at home. I hope everyone has a fantastic weeeek!!!! 
Elder Evelo

Elder Evelo's current working sector

Hermana Evelo just home from her mission in Spain

Skyping with Elder Evelo in Chile

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