Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Ton of Success

This week week has by far been the best week in Quillón. We really worked our butts off and we were able to see a ton of success! On Tuesday I went on a mini cambio with Elder Bonzanino. He´s from Campinas, Brasil and he has about 5 weeks in the mission. So he still speaks Portañol (Portuguese and Español), but that gave me a chance to practice my Potuguese haha. It was good to get to know him a bit more and help him out. 
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were solid days and we were able to teach a ton and really get closer to our investigators. And yes we has investigators! I´m really excited to work with the people we have and help them progress! Also, Friday was Canadian Independence Day! Woooo. Saturday was a special day because we had a conference to meet our new mission president, President Cátala. He´s from Argentina and his wife is from Taiwan. Crazy right? He´s a pretty cool guy and he is making a whole bunch of changes to the mission so we are going to be going a bit crazy these next couple weeks. But his Argentino accent is really strong and hilarious haha. Sunday was so great! 3 of our investigators; Fernando, Roberto, and Ezequiel all made it to church!!! Yeeeeeaaahhhh!!!! We were soooo happy to see them! We finished the week off strong and almost got all of our goal for the week! SO close! I´m supper pumped to get things done this week and really get all of our goals.
Lastly but obviously most importantly....HAPPY FREEDOM BURGERS LIBERTY ENGLISH JUSTICE DAY!!! Or in other words AMERICA!!! Happy birthday to the best country in the world! I hope everyone has a fantastic week!
Elder Evelo

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