Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Memory Problems

Hey everyone! So I´m in a new area (again) with my new companion (again haha). I´m in Barrio Universitario which is in the zone of Concepción. Our sector includes the biggest universities of Concepción so a lot of young people, but the ward here is almost all old people hahaha. It´s a pretty big sector but we share it with 2 Elders from  the office. Our chapel is the oldest in Conce and pretty big, but not very many people come to church :( I´ve gotten to know a few members who are pretty cool and help us out a lot but we are going to need the help of ALL the members in this work! My new companion is Elder Lozano and he´s from Ecuador. We´ve been working hard to reach the President´s goal of 20 lessons with member, but it´s been pretty hard because I dont know that many people yet and Elder Lozano has some memory problems and cant help me very much. But no worries cause el Señor will provide a way!  It feels so good to be in the city close to everything. I live super close to the mission office so if anyone wants to send me stuff I´ll be able to get it super fast! Haha. 
I hope everyone is doing great! Oh September 18th is independence day for Chile so this whole month is gonna pure parties! WOO! Te me cuidai! 

Elder Evelo


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