Monday, April 11, 2016

All About Claudia and Fernando

This week was all about Claudia and Fernando. I cant remember if I have talked about them or not. But they are married and have two kids and they have been investigating the church for about 5 years. We began to visit them a little more than a month ago and they have been our focus ever since. Fernando has always been ready to be baptized but he didn't want to get baptized without his wife and she has never accepted a date to be baptized by other missionaries. We have taught them so much we have become great friends. Hermana Claudia had problems with the Word of Wisdom and Tithing but we were able to help her understand both. Last week she finally accepted to be baptized the 9th of April. We knew we had to help them a lot this week so that they could get baptized on Saturday. So visited them almost everyday this week. On Thursday we had their baptismal interviews. When we got to their house Claudia told us that she thought that Saturday is too soon to be baptized. When I heard this my heart literally stopped beating for a good minute and I didn't know what to say. Finally Elder Chuctaya (Zone leader who was going to do the interview) said that they should do the interviews first and then we´ll talk about Saturday. So Fernando went first and while he was with Elder Chuctaya I went and sat next to Hermana Claudia and asked her what was up. She was just really nervous and she was worried that she would be obligated to do a lot of things for the church after was baptized. I explained to her that nothing is obligatory in the church and that "callings" come from our Heavenly Father and bless our lives. She was able to calm down a little after that and when Fernando finished his interview she went with Elder Chuctaya for hers. After talking to Fernando for a bit Hermana Claudia came back. They are ready to be baptized! WOOOO! I was soooooo happy for the both of them.
Saturday we had the baptism and I was super nervous haha but everything went smoothly and it was a good time :) Sunday they both received the gift of the Holy Ghost. I´m ridiculously happy for them and I cant wait to help others to be able to reach the point where Claudia and Fernando have gotten to. 
I have ton of pics to send but the internet sucks here so I´ll probs send them next week...hopefully. I hope everyone has a fantastic week! 
Elder Evelo 


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