Monday, April 25, 2016

I'm Back Inside

So I have been transferred back "inside" the mission to Chiguayante! Leaving Linares was really hard because I really have come to love the people there. I will never forget my time there. But now it´s time to start again in Chiguayante in the ward La Pradera. My new companion is Elder Romero and he´s from Chile! Yay Chileanos! He´s pretty awesome and we get along supppper well! A little bit about my new area. It´s really cold. And it rains a lot. That´s pretty much describes it hahaha. But I love it. The members here are pretty cool even though the ward is a bit small, but we´ll fix that no problem! It literally rains sideways here so umbrellas are useless and I have gotten soaked more than a few time hahaha. We don't have too many investigators to work with right now but in a couple weeks we´ll have to construct another baptismal font in order to get everyone in the water! Woo!! My area is right next to the land where the new temple is going to be built, or rather where the temple is being built because it looks almost halfway done! You people should go look at pictures ( cause it´s awesome. I feel like I´m just arriving in the mission again because I haven't been able to see everyone I know because I´ve been so far away haha. It was great to see Elder Ovalle today (my old Comp) and some other missionaries for before. I hope everyone has the best week in the world!! 
Elder Evelo


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