Monday, February 23, 2015

For You Americans

Hola everyone!

This week flew by and a ton of stuff happened! So Elder Santos and I started to do the Insanity workout in the morning so we don't get fat haha. And if you don't know what that is, just know that it sucks and I hate it. Anyways, on Tuesday we had our weekly district meetings in Tomè so we took our 2 hour bus ride there, had our meetings till around 3 and then took our 2 hour bus ride back haha. And by the time we got back, we were all dead tired haha. We literally have to take busses everywhere. Not around Quirihue cause its so small but whenever we have a meeting or something which is actually very frequently.

Wednesday was super fun. We had correlation with the Colemù branch presidency about our investigators and then we had to go to Tomè for a sleep over! We had a conference on Thursday at 8 AM and so we slept over at the zone leaders casa in Tomè cause it would be impossible to get to the conference from Quirihue in time.
The conference on Thursday was pretty great! Nicolàs L. Di Giovanni from one of the quruoms of the 70 spoke to us and it was supper hard to follow in Spanish but good practice for me. About half the mission was there in that conference so I got to see Elder Holt and Elder Kingsford again! I also got to see Hermana Burnham and we all gathered together cause we didnt really know anyone else yet.
Friday was a pretty rough day cause every appionment we had fell though. Every. Single. One. So we walked forever trying to contact people and stuff. We got a coulpe people after a while but man my feet still are aching from that day.
Saturday was pretty chill. There was a baptism in Colemù that we went to and the branch president`s daughter and her friend were baptized. After we got back to Quirihue we visited a couple people and then we went to play futbol with a bunch of Chilean kids. And holy crap, they are freaking good at futbol (thats soccer for you Americans). They made me look like a fool out there haha. But hopefully I'll get a lot of practice while I'm out here and I'll be a pro when I get back haha.
I had to give another talk this Sunday haha. That`s the bad thing about a small amount of members, you have to speak every other week haha. But I gave my 5 minute talk that sounded terrible. 
Two more important things I need to mention. First, the Nutella here is fantastic. And second, THEY HAVE NUTELLA HERE! Anyways, that is all for this week! I miss everyone so much, but it`s way better here!

Elder Evelo
A Seal chillin on the beach

Elder Bianco (my companion) and Elder Santos in ​Colemù plaza

Dodgeball is everywhere

A fire close to our home

A friend that follows us around

At the beach

Look it's a seal!

A view from the top of our house

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