Thursday, February 5, 2015

Leaving for Chile!

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Hola poeples!
This week has been a pretty crazy week. Not because a whole bunch of stuff happened but because some big stuff happened. First of all I was called to be District Leader of my district last Sunday because our old district leader wasnt being that positive to others. We only have a couple days left here at the CCM but it's still pretty stressful to be a district leader. Ever since I first got here I've been looking to others to be my example and to help my be the best that I can be. But now I have to be that example and help others. Its pretty hard but I know I can finish these last couple days with out killing everyone is my district haha. And then when I get in Chile in 4 days I'll be a noobie again!! Yay! Im really really excited about leaving for Chile! The CCM gets really boring after a while haha. Im going to miss everyone so much though, especially those that arent going to the same mission as me. I feel like my Spanish is good enough to be able to teach well in Chile but I know that I'll feel super lost when I get there haha. Oh also, I've gained about 10 pounds here already so expect me to be fat when I come back haha. I hope everyone is doing well! 

Elder Evelo

Final District Picture1

Final District Picture2


Showing date and time I am leaving the CCM

A nice bag I picked up here in Mexico. Also this is study time.

Some cans we collected as a district.

A picture of Mexico at night


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