Monday, March 2, 2015

Awesome Week in an Awesome Mission!

Hola peoples!
It´s been another awesome week in this awesome mission! 
Tuesdays was pretty slow. We didn't have any lessons with investigators, only with members. We teach a lot of lessons to the members cause there aren't to many especially in Quirihue and the mission really try's to focus on strengthening the members cause there are sooooo many that are inactive. 
Wednesday are super great cause we have almuerzo con Hermana Bustos and she makes the best food. The foods here isn't tooo crazy weird. They eat a ton of tomatoes though and I'm actually starting to like them now haha. A ton of people give us watermelon with toasted flour. Holy crap its great! I'm gonna get fat from it but I don't even care haha.
Thursday we had our clase de Zona in Tomè. Afterwards we had almuerzo at some member´s house in Tomè. The guys name was Domingo and he was suuuuper weird haha. But he gave us salmon and whoa. I thought I  hated seafood, but that salmon was one of the best things I've ever tasted. After we ate Domingo offered back massages haha cause he was like a professional back massager or whatever you call it. 
Friday we had interviews with President Arrington. He´s a pretty freaking awesome guy! And I got my first package after the interview!!! (Thanks momma). After we got back to Quirihue we had lunch with hermana Alicia who always gives us a ridiculous amount of food to eat. I. Love. It. 
Saturday was out day of service. After our daily studies and stuff in the morning, we went to Hermana Eliana´s house to help her clean her home and stuff. We cleaned like crazy and till about 7. It was great to do service for her though. She doesn't have hardly any money and helping her out made her so happy. Service is really one of the best things you can do for people.

Spanish is kinda a struggle for me right now. I understand everyone but its hard for me to speak. And I always want to speak! But I know I just need practice and time and it will come. I miss everyone back home and I hope you guys are all having a great time with your stuff!

Elder Evelo



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