Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mucho Divertido!

Hola otra vez familia y amigos!
Its been another great week in the CCM. On Sunday we had a devotional about the Book of Mormon and freaking awesome it is. We watched a couple of movies about sharing it, and I regret soooo much that I didn't share it as much as I should have back home. The Book of Mormon is truly another testament of Jesus Christ and it´s one of the most precious gifts from God that we could ever receive. I love reading the Book of Mormon and I know that it can help everyone feel God´s love for them. 
I had another opportunity to give a blessing this week, this time to Hermana Poulson. She had caught a virus that was going around the CCM and she was feeling pretty bad. I can express how awesome it is to give a blessing. The Spirit is always soooo strong and you can literally feel the blessing coming from God. I'm so grateful to be able to hold the priesthood and be able to bless other people´s lives. It strengthens me everyday and I cant wait to be able to go to Chile and help more and more people! 
Yesterday we got to great the new missionaries again! There were only about 40 so it wasn't as cool haha. But after greeting we went to TRC which is where we teach actual real people and not teacher pretending to be like real people. Cause teachers aren't real people... But that was a great experience cause we got to be exposed to people that talk supeeer fast and have different situations. One guy we taught was a convert of 3 years and told us about how much he loved the Book of Mormon and especially the Tree of Life story. He actually talked to us for 20 minutes just about that haha. He also talked a bunch about how proud he is of us for being missionaries. He doesn't even know who we are and he told us about how much he loves us! Gosh I loved that guy! I'm so grateful for those kind of people that have such a strong testimony and faith in the gospel! I cant wait to get to Chile!!! Only 1 and a half more weeks here! Yo espero que ustedes estan teniendo mucho divertido!

Legend has it of giant Lego men in Mexico

Haircut Buddies

District Haircuts

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