Monday, April 6, 2015

General Conference

Happy Easter everyone! So to start off this weekly summery I wanna say how much i love missionary work. I'm absolutely loving my time here and I've realized it so much more this week with Easter and remembering the resurrection of Jesus Christ and conference and everything! 
So Wednesday we had a Zone class and we talked about a new initiative that the church is starting with all the missionaries. I'm sure that the missionaries back home have this too, but it`s called "Gracias a que èl vive". It`s kinda like the "He is the gift" thing that went down during Christmas. I focuses not only on the life of Jesus Christ but the fact that He resurrected and lives today. The video for this is suuuuuper awesome and I'm so glad that the church has made this. I've seen so much success with this in this week alone. Our contacts are more solid and we are able to find people more easily. I cant wait to see how the rest of the month turns out. 
So our investigator Hermana Pilar is màs o menos. She is receiving us well and has a great desire to learn, but she can never come to church because of her husband. And cant get baptized unless she has more than three attendances to church. We are trying to work with her about her problems with Sundays. Her husband was always against us teaching her and he really didn't like the church. But we talked to her husband yesterday and he is content with her getting baptized and he even agreed to taking a couple lessons with us! He literally changed in a week and I'm beyond amazed. I hope that he will also accept the gospel in his life like his wife.
General Conference was super awesome like always. We had a member bring a projector and computer to our house/church to show conference for all of the members. Our awesome neighbor let us have the password to their Wi-Fi so that we could set that up haha. But Elder Love and I had another laptop setup in our room so that we could watch it in English haha. We had some internet connection problems at times but we were able to fix it and we saw most of conference haha. I cant wait for the Liahona to come out so that i can read the talks that we missed. 
I have a little favor to ask from you people back home. I don't know if it made world news or not, but in Northern Chile there was a huge storm and the rivers overflowed into the cities and almost all the homes and building were either destroyed or are beneath a river of mud water. There are tons of people with out homes and food and water. So it would be awesome if you guys prayed for them and stuff.
I hope every one is doing great and that you guys have an awesome week! 

Elder Evelo 


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