Monday, March 30, 2015

Elder Amor

I'm gonna be honest, this week was pretty slow and boring. Except for two things: Elder Santos ´new companion and a baptism fetcha!
So Tuesday afternoon Elder Santos came back to Quirihue with his new companion Elder Love! That´s right Elder Amor! Haha, it´s really Love but he has a plaque that says Elder Amor which is super awesome haha. Anyways, he´s a pretty cool guy and yes he´s a gringo haha. It´s fun to help him learn Spanish because it shows me how far I've come (no offense Elder Love). But he is really out going and enthusiastic which is awesome. Even though he can hardly speak, he talks to everyone. I definitely need to learn from him and be more out going and excited. 
Friday was a great day because Hermana Pilar said she will get baptized! She´s going to be baptized April 10th! I love her so much cause I understand everything she says haha and she helps me with my Spanish haha. I'm so excited for her to progress more towards her baptism!
I hope every one is having a great time! I love and miss everyone so much!!

Elder Evelo

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