Monday, February 22, 2016

It Still Tasted Good Coming Up!

How`s it going with all of you gringos?!? Once again we have had a week where almost all of our citas fall and we gotta fight to keep busy every day. But that`s alright!! Vacations are starting to end for people and so we should be able to find more people in their houses. We had a pretty awesome activity Friday for our Branch. It was Día de Amistad (Day of friendship) and we had a bunch of games and a hardcore water balloon war. Photos will be sent in a couple weeks. Elder Holt decided to get sick Saturday morning and he was up at 3 am upchucking our lunch. It wasn't fun for him so I decided to make banana pancakes for him for breakfast. They were pretty delicious pancakes by the way but he threw them up too. But he said it still tasted good coming up so I`m proud of my pancakes.

Cambios are this week!!!! I didn't think Elder Holt or I would leave because we just got here. And I was right. We are both staying in Linares. BUT! There is an Elder Souza coming to be in a trio with us!! And he`s from Brazil! Whuuuuuuut! We don't have a bed for him or anything in our house so we kinda gotta figure that out haha. But I`m super excited cause I love Brazilians! I`ll be fluent in Portuguese in no time hahaha!
FACT OF THE WEEK: Garbage disposals are illegal in Chile.
Have a great week everyone!!
Elder Evelo


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