Monday, February 15, 2016

Pretty Frustrating

This week has been pretty frustrating actually. Almost eveyday we have set appiontments with people and when we get to their house they aren't home. We call them up and they say "oh we went out of town" or "we went to the beach" UGGHHHhhh but you told us yesterday that you`d be home! But no biggie, I`m not bitter haha. Elder Holt and I are doing everything we can to stay positive and happy :) I know if we just keep doing our part and work hard then everything will work out how it`s supposed to :) We did get sick on Wednesday but even that didn't stop us from working hard! Theme of this next week is animo! (that means excitment or motivation). I hope everyone has a fantastic week and Happy Valentine`s Day!

Elder Evelo


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