Monday, February 1, 2016

Jolly Good Week

What's up people! I hope everyone had a jolly good week! On Tuesday we had interviews with President Arrington which was super cool cause he`s my buddy. We talked a bunch about the area and stuff and it was great. Hermana Arrington also brought Oreos so that made me super happy. Speaking of Oreos, I`m glad that we walk so much cause I eat a TON and I promise I would be fat. Anyways, Thursday we a NDH (FHE) with all the youth in the branch and we taught them how to make smores! Wow I miss smores! I ate about 6 (told you a eat a lot) and I was the happiest person alive. It was super fun and we got to know more the youth here so that's good. Saturday was the big day!  We got to church to get everything ready for Yaritza`s baptism and then waited for people to start coming. There was couple at first but then people kept coming and coming. Yari invited all of her friends from PFJ (EFY) and 30+ youth came to support here. How awesome right!? It was hard to fit everyone into the baptismal room haha. But everything went super well and we had a little testimony meeting afterwards. To hear her testify of the church and of her baptism was incredible. She has the strongest testimony of anyone I know and the spirit in that room was ridiculously strong. It was such a great experience and I`m so grateful to be able to help other people have those experiences in their lives. The church is true! Have great week everyone!

Elder Evelo


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