Thursday, January 15, 2015

Master of Spanish

Hola familia y amigos! Todo esta bien aqui en la CCM! So turns out the "real" investigator that we taught last week was actually a teacher and he teaches us at night now hahaha. But he was a super good investigator! But now we have to teach 2 investigators (both our teachers) and its crazy. One of them is super nice and speaks slow but the other one is super mean and talks faster than i dont know what. Its a different experience when we teach those lessons but it teaches us a lot. I sung in the MTC choir here for the Devotional on tuesday and it was super fun! I love singing! And speaking of singing, one of my companions, Elder Kingsford, and I like to sing disney songs all day while we walk to class and stuff, and poeple either look at us weird or they sing with us haha I love it so much! So we usually play ultimate frisbee with a couple districts during gym time cause ultimate frisbee is awesome, but we were told that we couldnt play with the Hermanas anymore cause it was too "rough" of a game....what? It stinks cause the Hermanas made the game fun haha. But to make i even better, we were told yesterday that we cant even play ultimate frisbee at all. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I have no idea why but its whatever. Yay obedience! SO now we have this thing called TRC. I have no idea what it stands for but its where random people volunteer to come be taught by the missionaries in the CCM (MTC). They could be members or random people off the street but we have to be able to go in the lesson and ask them questions to try to figure out what we should teach them on the spot. Its pretty hard but we did a pretty good job last night! Im proud of how much spanish my companions have learned! Im not saying im the master of spanish or anything but yeah Im proud. 
Its crazy to think that ive already been here more than two weeks! Time fys!
Love and miss everyone back home!
Elder Evelo
Carlos and his district

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