Saturday, December 26, 2015

We Made Pizza

Merry almost Christmas! This week has been pretty crazy with Christmas coming up. Elder Ovalle and I decided to make pizza for our district so we got up super early to make the dough and stuff and it was sooooooo good. I want Elder Ovalle to be my companion forever just for his cooking hahaha. We´ve had hardly any time this week because we had a ton of service activities and our Zone (Andalien) and 2 other zones had to practice singing for this Chirstmas presentation at the Stake Center and it took alllll of our time this week, but the presentation was pretty cool. We get to do it again this Wednesday at the building site of the new temple here in Conce! Woooo! Im pretty stoked for that. My talk went pretty okay! I didnt screw anything up that bad and 1 member said I did good hahaha. We have bunch of Christmas things this week so we wont have much time either. The Christmas conference for the mission is tomorrow and I´ll get to see everone I know! But Elder Bianco is coming to Andalien to work with me today! That´s my original mission dad for those of you who dont know. It should be an awesome week! I hope everyone has a fantastic week and a MERRY CHIRSTMAS!

Elder Evelo

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