Monday, January 11, 2016

Needed to talk to me

I hope all you people had a good week! A lot has happened the past couple days and it`s been pretty rough. We had a zone clase Tuesday in Tome and we went to the beach afterwards, its too bad we cant swim. The big news came Thursday when we went to drop off an elder at the mission office. President Arrington (the mission president) came up to me and said he needed to talk to me. We went into his office and he told me that my grandpa had passed away that morning. Of course I wasn't expecting this at all and it`s been really hard to take in. I know he would want me to keep working hard and not get distracted but its really hard to focus sometimes. But I know that he will be here with me in Chile. I love the Plan of Salvation and I'm so grateful that I will be able to see him and live with him again.
It`s cambio time! We found out yesterday that Elder Ovalle and I are being white washed and the assistants are replacing us! They needed a better sector to work in so that they can set a better example for the mission. So Elder Ovalle is going to Chill├án and I'm going to Linares! It`s literally the farthest sector from the mission office haha. Im going to have to take a bus for 3.5 hours tomorrow to get there haha. My companion is going to be Elder Holt but not the same one that was with me in the CCM. But the thing is that we are white washing in our new sector so neither of us know the members or the investigators or anything. So this week should be pretty interesting haha. 
I`m sending a bunch of photos so I hope my dad posts them on my blog thingy. I`m super excited to start again in a new sector and I'm so grateful to be missionary here in Chile. The church is true people! Have a great week!

Elder Evelo


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