Monday, January 4, 2016

2 or 3 Hours of Sleep

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope it was awesome and that you all make good resolutions! 
Our new year started off by not sleeping a bit. People decided to have a party right out side our house at 1:00 AM and we had to have the window open cause it was super hot so I think I got a good 2 or 3 hours of sleep haha. New Years day was even better because everyone in Andalièn went to the beach so we got to walk in the street alllllll day! YAYY! Yes sarcasm... It literally seemed like we were in a ghost town. This whole week was kinda slow actually because it`s summer break for everyone and all of our investigators are visiting family somewhere or at the beach. But we were able to find another investigator named Sonia! She is the friend of a less active in the ward. I say less active but she`s almost fully active now. We taught Sonia a little bit about the church and she wants to know more about how she can find peace in her life, and we have the solution! She accepted to be baptized 23 of January! We had to change the baptism dates for all of our investigators because no one came to church this week. But we should have at least 3 baptisms the 23rd! This is the last week of the cambios or transfers, and I really don't want to leave Andalièn. I want to see all of them get baptized! Also, I don't want Elder Ovalle to leave because I will be lost with out him haha. But whatever happens, happens! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Elder Evelo  

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