Monday, January 25, 2016

Blessings Do Come

Hey everybody! It`s been another hot sweaty week in Linares, Chile! So on Tuesday we had our first English class and we had a grand total of 3 students! It`s safe to say that I`m a terrible English teacher haha but we had a lot of fun and I`m pretty pumped for the next one. Wednesday and Thursday were some of the worst days ever. Almost all of our appointments fell and since we still don't know a whole bunch of people we ended up walking aaaaallllllll day in the sun. And to make it worse we met quite a few people who had some strong opinions of the church. Not gonna lie I got pretty bummed out those days. But the weekend brought all the blessings! It started off with one of our investigators Silvana calling us telling us that she is going to get married! And when she told us that she said "that means I can get baptized!" It was the best news ever! She`s getting married 13th of Feb and she wants to get baptized 5th of march but we`re gonna try to push it up a week. Our other investigator Yari has been at PFJ (or EFY) all week and we were really expecting her to be excited to be baptized. It turns out that in her last testimony at PFJ she told everyone that she is getting baptized this Saturday! It was the best surprise ever! We have to rush to get everything ready but it looked like we`re gonna have a baptism this Saturday! I`m suuuuuuuper excited for it :) Also we have 2 other investigators that should get baptized in February. And to finish out the week, on Sunday there was a member from out of town that brought her friend that lives in Linares and the friend is super interested and wants to meet with us. The member also told us that another one of her friends would be interested. This lady is the best! All the members need to do missionary work like she does! We have a ton of people to teach now and we couldn't be happier! AND it`s been pretty cloudy to past couple days! BLESSINGS! I love being a missionary!! Have a great week everyone!

Elder Evelo


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