Monday, March 16, 2015

A Lamb Named Gaby

Wow this week has been the craziest! I got a whole bunch of stuff to say so get ready! So I´ll start off on Tuesday. We went to our district meeting as usual in Tomé, but instead of going back to Quirihue after it finished, I stayed in Tomé with Elder Stewart (one of my zone leaders) and Elder Barnes. I had to do this cause there was a conference on Wednesday and Thursday for the new missionaries in Concepciòn and I had to be in Tomé the night before in order to get there on time. Anyways, so I spent the whole day with these two in Tomé going to their appointments and lessons with them. First thing about Tomé. It has the biggest hills in the world. And walking up one of those suckers takes soooooooo much effort. I`ll send some pictures of them but the pictures just don't do them justice. But it was a great experience to be in another sector with different people and companions that speak English! Haha. They made me do a lot of contacting though, but I was surprised to find out that I was able to understand people perfectly AND talk to them! I was actually able to do all 10 of my required contacts all by myself!! WOOOOO!! It was such an awesome feeling to finally be able to communicate! I think it`s largely due to the way people talk there compared to the people  in Quirihue, cause Quirihue is much more campo, or country-like.

But the next morning I had to catch a bus to Concepciòn and I rode with Elder Kingford! Haha So we both made it to Conce and walked to the mission office where the conference was being held. The conference went great especially cause I was able to see everyone from the CCM! Elder Holt was there along with Hermana Long, Poulson, and Burnham. It was so good to see them and hear all their experiences in their sectors. After the 1st part of conference ended we were assigned a companion (a senior missionary that was in a sector near Conce) and then we went out to work with them. I went with Elder Jackson who was a gringo!! Two days in a row with gringo companions!! Haha Anyways, his sector was Talcahuano Sur which had the best weather in the world!! It`s just west of Conce kinda on this peninsula type thing. But I had such a great time with him! We went to a ton of lessons and he made me teach big parts in all the lessons and again I was able to understand AND talk perfectly! I really got me excited to get back to Quirihue and talk to people. 

The next morning I headed back to the mission office for the 2nd part of the conference. It was pretty short and soon I had to say bye to every one and get a bus to Coelemu and then back to my self! AHHH!! Haha It actually wasn't that bad and I was able to get back with no problem. It was just a little bit weird not having a companion for a couple hours haha.

So while I was gone, my companions went and bought a lamb. Yes a lamb. We were having a get together with all the members and we were going to eat lamb! Haha. So we named the lamb Gaby (hahahha). So Friday afternoon we had Hermano Miguel come over and help us kill Gaby. It was pretty gross and I admit I had to go to the other room haha. But on Saturday afternoon we were able to eat Gaby! Oh boy was she good haha! We had about 20 people there hanging out and socializing, it was pretty great! 

Busy week with lots of fun, but not too much success in finding more people to teach which really bums me out, but it`s a new week now and I plan to find all those people who have been prepared by the Lord! I love and miss everyone back and home and I hope everything is going well!

Elder Evelo


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