Monday, March 23, 2015

Investigator is Found

Hola familia y amigos!

Una otra semana en el misòn mejor ha terminado. So Wednesday was our Dia de Limpieza and so we had to spend all morning cleaning our church-house haha, so that's pretty boring. Thursday we had a clase in Penco taught by Hermano Scholes about different things that can help us be better missionaries. It was pretty helpful and I was able to apply stuff I learned this week. But the bad news was that Elder Bianco got sick after the clase with a fever, and so when we got back to Quirihue I had to stay home with him while he slept haha. But that's okay cause I was able to study a whole bunch which is always fun. Friday was one of the best days ever, and do you know why? Cause WE FOUND AN INVESTIGATOR!!!! Yeah that's right! Woooo!! Hermana Pilar has been taught by missionaries before but she never got baptized. But we were able to find her again and she was super excited about being taught again. I`m super excited for her and I'm even more excited to help teach her more! I hope that we can find even more investigators so I can feel this way all the time! Saturday was stake conference so we got a bus for the members here in Quirihue (about 12 members went) and rode about 3 hours to Penco. It was an awesome experience to see how many members were gathered there. It was almost as big as our stake conference back homes! It makes me so happy to see all the people togetherrrrrrr. But the talks were pretty good and understood about 70 percent of them haha. So now for the bad news...cambios (transfers) are today ad we found out that Elder Watson is leaving us to go to Conce. It was really unexpected and all of us here are a little bummed about it, but it`s for the best and I'll know he`ll have a great time in Conce for the last 3 months of his mission. Elder Santos, however, is going to be a dad!!! That`s right! We are going to have 2 baby`s here in Quirihue! We don't know who it is yet, but I'm hoping its another gringo so that I have an English buddy haha. Anyways, that's it for this week! I hope every one is doing great! 

Elder Evelo


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